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Posted February 11, 2012

Previous Calls to Action

Posted January 20, 2012

Thanks to everyone’s hard work we had a great victory on the 19th! SB 810 was voted off of Suspense by the Appropriations Committee and was forwarded to the Senate floor for a vote, which may happen by the end of the month.
If folks would like to send a thank you to Senators Leno, Kehoe and Steinberg for their support and leadership (and ask for their continued leadership on the issue), their contact is below. More to come about important senators who we need to shift our focus to. For now, congratulations and please spread the word that our work has paid off…and we continue the fight!
Senator Mark Leno, San Francisco Area (SB 810 Author)
Fax:     (916) 327-2188
Email Senator.Leno@sen.ca.gov
Senator Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento Area (Senate Pro Tem, Appropriations
Committee Member)
Fax:  (916) 323-2263
Email: Senator.Steinberg@senate.ca.gov
Senator Christine Kehoe, San Diego Area (Appropriations Committee Chair)
Fax:     (916) 327-2188
Email senator.kehoe@sen.ca.gov 

Warm up your computers and write those letters. The next vote will be coming up shortly. Now is the time to write and call.

Check details at Health Care for All - California


AB 52 Health Care Coverage Rate Approval -
Next Senate Committee to Vote


Without our concerted efforts (letters, emails, faxes and telephone calls) together with the efforts of many others right down to the wire, this bill would not have made it out of the Senate Health Committee without major changes.   Therefore, we must continue to support it “as is” so that the regulatory authority it promises will not be weakened.
Please call, write or fax the members of the Senate AppropriationsCommittee if you are in their district. If you do not have a Senator on the Committee, just contact the Chair, Senator Christine Kehoe.
If you have a personal experience or know of someone who has,please include it in your letter or fax.
The Honorable _____
State Capital Rm #_____
Sacramento,  CA 95814
Many thanks for moving quickly in response to this HCA Call to Action!  
Irma Strantz and Carolyn Negrete
Co-Chairs, HCA-CA Legislative Committee
·         AB 52 empowers the California Department of Insurance and the
Department of Managed Health Care to review and approve, modify or deny premium
rate increases submitted by health care service plans doing business in
California .
·         Health insurance premiums have risen alarmingly during the past
·         Ever increasing premiums increase the number of persons who can no
longer afford coverage for their families.
·         Individuals have no leverage and are at the mercy of whatever the
health insurance company’s CEO decides.

California - Physicians for a National Health Program
Thanks to those who called or emailed Senate Health Committee members about AB 52, which would give me the authority to reject excessive health insurance rate hikes. Thousands of Californians have been contacting members of the Senate Health Committee asking them to vote for this bill. The calls and emails are making a difference. The Senate Health Committee hearing on AB 52 last week lasted an unprecedented 3 ½ hours. Consumers, small businesses, labor unions and organizations representing communities of color joined Assemblymember Feuer and me to testify in support of AB 52. The testimony was powerful.
 The health insurers and HMOs and their lobbyists are pulling out all the stops to defeat AB 52. Because they know that Democratic Senators are unlikely to vote outright against AB 52, the insurers and HMOs are now proposing "amendments" that would seriously weaken AB 52. We need your help in a very specific way. Please call or email the Democratic Members of the Senate Health Committee. Ask them to reject "poison pill" amendments that would undermine our efforts to pass a strong bill that would give the Insurance Commissioner the authority to reject excessive health insurance rate increases.

The Insurance Commissioner already has this authority for auto, homeowners' and casualty insurance. I should have this same authority for health insurance, not something weaker that provides fewer protections for consumers. Please call the Democratic Senators on the Health Committee and urge them to reject amendments that weaken AB 52:

Senator Ed Hernandez (Chair) -- 916-651-4024
Senator Elaine Alquist --- 916-651-4013
Senator Kevin de Leon -- 916-651-4022
Senator Mark DeSaulnier (AB 52 co-author) -- 916-651-4007
Senator Michael Rubio -- 916-651-4016
Senator Lois Wolk (AB 52 co-author) -- 916-651-4005
Thank you! DAVE JONES California Insurance Commissioner PNHP California A Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program 2344 Sixth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 P: 510.665.8523 | F: 510.665.6027 www.pnhpcalifornia.org | info@pnhpcalifornia.org


SB 810  "The California Universal Healthcare Act of 2011” has been reintroduced in the California legislature.  Healthcare is a human rights issue.  People are really suffering with premium hikes, increased co-pays, and denials of payment.  These problems will not change with the recently enacted ACA federal reform.  SB810 is advancing to the next logical step.

The State Senate Health Committee will consider SB810 on April 27th, 2011

Important and crucial measures to support SB 810 RIGHT NOW:

#1.  Send letters from yourself, a business or any group/organization   http://www.healthcareforall.org/action-center/organizing  has sample letters for individuals, businesses and organizations and lots of information to educate oneself.

     1. Sign on as an individual supporter of SB810 and send letter to your legislators.

     2. Any group can send a letter from the organization or any business.

     3. Encouraging your legislators to co-endorse. 

Identify your own State Senator and Assemblymember online by visiting http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html

Also send any copies of support /endorsement letters to:

Senator Mark Leno
c/o Sara Rogers

State Capitol, Room 5100

Sacramento, CA  95814

(916) 445-4722 FAX

And to the State Senate Health Committee before April 27th

The Honorable Ed Hernandez
Senate Health Committee
State Capitol, Room 2191
Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax: (916) 319-2197

#2 SIGN the online PETITION www.californiaonecare.org

#3 Download information/flyers and educate the public.  Set up a table at any public site: In front of a bank or post office or any public corner or sidewalk.  Educate people.  http://www.singlepayernow.net

http://www.healthcareforall.org/  Health Care for All-California

http://buttesinglepayer.org  Butte County Health Care Coalition

Additional info on federal and state universal healthcare:

www.pnhp.org  Physicians for a National Health Program

http://www.nationalnursesunited.org  California Nurses Association/NNU


www.PDAmerica.org Progressive Democrats of America

http://www.singlepayered.org  Butte County Health Care Education Coalition






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