Butte County Health Care Coalition
Keeping Single-Payer "On The Table"



Forest Harlan, President  forest1950@yahoo.com
Forest has learned first-hand about the devastating financial impact of surviving cancer, even with good insurance. He earned his BA in Psychology from Sonoma State University. Prior to his health crisis, he worked for 20 years advising consumers in natural foods stores and was certified in computer hardware.  He committed his efforts toward supporting single payer health insurance reform in 2006. Since that time he has worked tirelessly for this cause. He has been President of the Butte County Health Care Coalition since 2008.

Georgie Summers, Vice President  gsumm@sbcglobal.net
Georgie has earned B.A. and M.A. Degrees from the University  of Arkansas. She is a retired community college instructor (English and Drama). She is married to a retired Methodist pastor and is an active member of Trinity United Methodist church in Chico. She became involved in the single payer movement through Church Women United, a national movement of mainline Protestant denominations. She has been a member of the Butte County Health Care Coalition since 1993, and currently serves as the organization’s Vice President.
Norma Wilcox, RN, Treasurer   maluhia_ca@yahoo.com
Norma is Treasurer of the Butte County Health Care Coalition. She has organized and spoken extensively on single payer issues throughout the Butte  County area.
Tom Reed, Past President  dodgertom99@comcast.net
Tom is a long time Chico resident. He has earned Masters Degrees in both Sociology and  Public Administration and has been employed for over thirty years in both public and private sector human services, as a social worker, social work supervisor and vocational rehabilitation counselor. He has also taught as a Lecturer in the department of Sociology at CSU, Chico.
Tom believes that universal, comprehensive health care should be the right of all human beings and is characteristic of any decent society. He feels that a publicly funded, democratically controlled single payer system is the best way of achieving that goal. Tom has been active in the single payer movement since founding the Butte County Health Care Coalition in 1991 and served as President from 1991-2008.  He continues his service to  the Butte County Health Care Coalition and  the Butte County Health Care Education Coalition.
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